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The devil whispered in my ear “You are not strong enough to withstand the storm”
Today I whispered in the devil’s ear
“I am the storm”.

This happens to be one of my favourite quotes of all time. It has been said that the most powerful words you can find in the english language are ‘I am’ and anything that comes after those words are true’.

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I created this forum, to let women know how powerful they are especially when pursuing the things they love. There is a powerful quote that attests to this statement and it says “There is no force more powerful than a woman who is determined to rise”.

I would like to encourage women to know that ,…. your destiny is greater than any obstacle therefore keep on believing and never let anyone talk you out of you dreams. Focus on your goals and always remember why you started.

I want to live in a world where women get along, where women support each other genuinely so.


Author:Eve Bodirwa


RELATIONSHIP ADVICE: girlfriend don’t lose yourself in a relationship

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Sister sister,

I’m here to give you some tough love honey…

Ladies please take care of yourselves and don’t lose focus on your journey when a
guy, your age or just a few years older than you, who has his life sorted, who is focussed on his education/career/business , who has his life intact and in order, has their own apartment/house, a car /cars and is financially stable comes to you , and disturbs your progress, while you are still working on yourself.


The problem with you ladies is that when you fall in love you lose your mind, you forget who you are , you wanna squeeze yourself in another man’s life , you plan your life and include him in your current and future plans & that’s why most of you get worn out & depressed when you find out the truth about that person, when they break up with you/cheat on you. You become so confused because the whole idea/picture in your head is now crashed & won’t function without that person in it…and you are back to square one.
And for him……his life goes on…

So please stop being stupid, stop worshipping your boyfriend’s or partners when you finally get into a relationship. STAY FOCUSSED sis. Stop acting like babies when you are in relationships. Yes he will do all those things for you, yes he will leave you in his apartment while you watch ‘keeping up with the Kardashians’ the whole day while he is at work pushing & making money. Even those of you who are working , why do y’all suddenly start slacking just because you got a man. Behaving like you don’t need that job anymore, coz “babe got us”. Well babe is working on himself, for himself and he doesn’t mind giving you that money,buying you those expensive clothes, or expensive car. I mean he doesn’t mind because there’s probably more from were that money came from. And here you are thinking you are sucking him dry. baby girl wake up! Wake up!

Focus! I said Focus!. Look, it’s okay to fall inlove, it’s okay to love someone, to give them love , to respect them and to hold them close to your heart, but it doesn’t mean that you should lose your mind.

I hope that you have learnt something crucial from this.

much love and blessings.

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Photo:Eve Bodirwa (Author & Women empowerment advocate).


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Some people are not really hyped up about new year’s whereas others get really super excited because for them it’s like a fresh new start and what better way is there, to kick-start a new life if not starting with your list of new year’s resolutions?.

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Now a lot of people get this whole concept wrong because they just write down everything that comes to their mind without even thinking it through. Well I personally think that in order for one to achieve their goals, they really need to be serious about them and also maybe just be a little bit realistic otherwise you’ll just be shooting yourself on the foot.

So now in order for you to actually achieve most, if not all of your goals I think it’s better to follow this simple tip of advice.


#1 Get a new clean journal and a pen.
I got myself a new journal on my birthday in December, and I started writing in it on the 1st day of january. (For those who prefer using your tablets, that’s also cool as long as you arrange your stuff nicely)

#2 Think about all the things you wanted to do the previous year and you couldn’t do them due to procrastination or other major setbacks because life happens hey.

#3 Now try to figure out the things that will help you get to a better stage or level in your life where there’ll be a sense of elevation and progress

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#4 Do not attempt to follow through your resolutions all at once because you will be applying for an epic FAIL. Take it one step at a time and try to achieve each goal at a given set time.

#5 Stop procrastinating because honey that won’t get you anywhere. Push yourself but also don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t be anxious. Try to relax so you can do everything profoundly and with honour.

If you follow these steps then chances are , you will be able to maintain your resolutions and achieve your goals and definately enjoy your year.

Much love and blessings

Author: EveBodirwa




Women’s month is almost over and we hereby welcome the most fun season,which is SPRING. I am super excited and looking forward to basking in the sun and sipping on some cold ice- tea. Oh , by the way our Awesome women organisation is doing quite good, I was looking at the attendance stats and I noticed that we have really come a long way since it’s inception in 2017 until now, the numbers keep on improving.

We have had an absolutely amazing time at our previous ladies Serminar, and it’s just so fulfilling to see the girls enjoying themselves and having fun. We have since started with our ‘Unfiltered Conversations’ where the young women actually get a chance to express their thoughts on certain issues and I must say , they have some really interesting opinions and with every Serminar they open up and become more comfortable because they understand that Awesome Women is a safe space , free of judgement and ridicule.

Photo: Cancer Survivor(Nomsa Chingowe) with Founder & Motivational Speaker (Eve Bodirwa)

We have so many talented young ladies out there and what I like about this platform is that we teach women to have confidence in themselves and know their worth because that’s the only way to go, in this world full of people who think they were appointed to define other’s lives.

Our guests were also really awesome. We usually invite other women to come and share their stories in order to inspire and motivate the ladies. We had a very beautiful ,special Cancer survivor who’s story really touched us as well as a young & ambitious business lady who enlightened us on so many levels.


What I have learnt from all of this is that you should and you must always follow your dreams and do what sets your soul free. Never ever allow anyone to tell you that you can’t do it because when God gives you a vision it means he trusts you and he knows that you are the perfect candidate. When God appoints you, just Do it because he will give you all the resources you will need in order to execute the specific task.Oh darling believe in yourself, trust your intuition, if you think you can , then you can. Your perception of life is what defines you & you have the ability to create the kind of life that brings you unspeakable joy.

I for one know that this cause, will impact as many lives and whoever attends our serminars never leaves the same. Care to join us?…visit our Social media pages for updates.

Next Serminar: 29 September 2018, Polokwane.

Much love & blessings

Author: Eve Bodirwa

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Every now and then, well this year I vowed to atleast publish a post that’s a bit personal because I want my readers to get to know me better and what’s on my mind.

So, I remember on one of the previous articles I published earlier on in the beginning of the year ,I actually mentioned that the Awesome Women initiative will gravitate more towards dealing with serious issues that women are facing and are being challenged with in their lives.

photo:Motivational Speaker -Eve Bodirwa

Our mandate is to create a safe space for women to express their thoughts and feelings and also get motivated to be better,stong,fearless and Confident women of this generation and to definately become powerful women in the future. We are basically focussing on EMPOWERMENT and we have already hosted TWO serminars which were really amazing and everything just happened the way I had imagined even though we can still do better but actually reaching out to the masses and making sure that every woman who needs empowerment actually attends the seminars, we will surely get there.


The point I want to put across is that whenever you have a vision and a dream in your heart and soul, never take it for granted because the world needs you. You know you will be surprised at the impact that takes place in people’s lives just through a small act of kindness.

So on our latest Serminar, (by the way our serminars are so cool and sophisticated, it’s not just a serminar but a high tea kind of vibe) ,alright so one lady who is of course good looking came up to me after the team and I had handed them gifts as a token of appreciation, and she said to me, ” Wow Eve ,thank you so much for these gifts , you are so kind, I have never received a gift in my life”. Now at this moment my heart just melted because you could see she was genuine and full of gratitude and I actually realised that Awesome women really is touching people’s lives and there’s a specific saying that came to mind which is ,”You may not be able to change the world, but you can change someone’s world”.


Something registered in my mind, that we are actually on the right track. The confidence levels in the young women who attend the serminars actually rise by an unbelievable speed because they feel free and at home. Everyone gets a chance to speak their mind during our ‘Unfiltered Conversations’ and it’s just so amazing to be surrounded by different individuals and learn how every one of the ladies thinks and articulates their thoughts, it’s just so magical and life changing. Besides me,speaking and Motivating the ladies , we have awesome Guest speakers who are honest and inspirational and who actually understand the vision behind Awesome women.

Well my heart and soul are eternally grateful to God of the Universe for this initiative because lives are changing and women are becoming more aware of their worth through the awesome women ‘high tea’s serminars.

Much love and blessings …

Author:Eve Bodirwa





Lately I have been reading tons and tons of articles about depression and I actually came to realise that a lot of people are going through depression in their lives and it’s actually so sad. I have mentioned in one of the previous articles I wrote this year that this whole awesome women platform aims to gravitate towards dealing with Mental health awareness through the blog and the actual serminars where we tackle women’s issues and try to create a safe space for women to express their thoughts and burdens and also build meaningful relationships.

Now depending on the context in which you want to put it, depression is a mental health illness and I know that some people can argue that for as long as you have not been medically diagnosed then you really aren’t depressed because this issue is way deeper and real than what most people tend to think. But now, what if I put it to you that you don’t necessarily have to be diagnosed to know that you have a medical problem but rather, when you know how you feel in and on your body and all the symptoms are there then no one has the right to actually debate with you as to wether you are or aren’t suffering from a certain medical problem.


Honey, depression is real and I’d like to think that it can happen to anyone because we all face hurdles in life that present themselves unexpectedly and we therefore tend to overthink things and that’s where it all starts. This may sound pretty absurd but let me say this, we as people tend to make our current state of being worse by trying to deal with things on our own because we often underestimate depression because we think its just a state that’s just passing by.

Can you just stop right there for a moment and deal with the elephant Infront of you before it’s too late. Please follow the following steps that will help you deal with depression because this mental health problem is real and it can drive you insane.



#1 Find the route cause of the hurdle you are facing, it might probably be one of these things listed: Relationship breakup, friendship breakup, financial scarcity, unemployment, death, not felling good enough about yourself, debt, workpoace/office politics etc)

#2Once you have identified the cause, you need to teach yourself to accept your situation as it is because it won’t change overnight

#3 Now get a journal and write down how you feel about the situation, from the day it started until the present moment , release all those emotions.

#4 It’s time for you to tell yourself that what has happened cannot be changed but you can turn your life around by dealing with the issue at hand

#5 Speak to someone you trust, and let them know what you are going through. Ever heard of the word ‘vent’? yes vent to someone who actually cares to listen. They probably will give you some advice

#6 I know this may sound cliche but you need to try to focus on the positive things that are happening in your life and well I know that when you are depressed you actually feel like everything is upside down in all spheres of your life and you tend to have a sense of hopelessness and giving up on life ,but there must be something positive going on, like the fact that you are alive and I mean this may be taken lightly but honey seriously now, there’s someone lying on a hospital bed fighting for their life so come on now be greatful for life .

#6 Get professional help if you feel like all of the above mentioned isn’t really helping you.

For those of you who are based in South Africa you may need this below :

Zane Wilson
For counselling queries e-mail: zane@sadag.org
To contact a counsellor between 8am-8pm Monday to Sunday,
Call: 011 234 4837 / Fax number: 011 234 8182
For a suicidal Emergency contact us on 0800 567 567
24hr Helpline 0800 12 13 14

I hope this article will be of good help.

Much love and blessings

Author: Eve Bodirwa


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You might be going through a rough patch in your life right now because Life always has its tolls and unfortunately we cannot run away from them. Have you ever paused for a minute and thought to yourself, ‘what if I’m giving my all to people and actually not giving myself some time to relax and love myself’.


Well honey there are times when we get so caught up in a lot of things that eventually leads to mental health breakdowns and we wonder what went wrong. Let me tell you what went went wrong. You focus too much on making other people happy and you forget about yourself and most often than not, the person who’s always there for everyone usually has no one who’s there for them.

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It is hard but I’d like to encourage you to just pause and work on being in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much but is still standing. Someone once used used an analogy or rather comparison of boarding on a plane and putting on an oxygen mask before helping someone else. So basically this tells us that you need to take care of yourself and make sure that you are 100% intact before you can actually help other people because honey your mental health sanity is very important and crucial.
The sad thing is that people take it lightly until they can no longer handle life anymore.


#Be committed to loving yourself
#Be kind to yourself
#Clean up after yourself
#Get rid of toxic people in your life
#Always focus on self improvement
#Never allow anyone to belittle you
#Take a break for the sake of your mental sanity
#Understand that self-love is not being selfish
#Realise your self -worth and value yourself
#Learn to say No
#Attract and desire positive energies/vibes
#Do things to please you
#fall I love with the beauty of nature
#Organise your living space to be conducive
#write yourself cute love letters
#Appreciate your inmost being
#Consider that you are complete and whole

The list goes on and on but the most critical emphasis is that you should put your happiness first and then you’ll be able to love yourself and other people aswell as spread positivity everywhere you go simply because you took the decision to put yourself first.

Much love & blessings

Author: Eve Bodirwa




Life can be extremely chaotic to a point where one feels as though they can’t control themselves. Chaos exists in life,generally and just like many other things,chaos is somewhat inevitable. You can find yourself trapped in mud ,out of the blue at that very moment where you thought your life is in order.

What most of us fail to understand is that these things happen to the best people out there,people whom we think have it all together. You need to stop thinking that you are the only person going through a rough patch because let me tell you

something,everyone one in this whole entire world goes through tough times and some people even go through the most of it.


Now, you need to train yourself to remain calm and pause when you find yourself in the midst of chaos.A lot of people still don’t grasp the concept of taking a break when you feel like you have done the most.

Ever felt like your body and your soul and your whole being just can’t take it anymore?well guess what honey it’s time for you to take a breath and exhale every ounce of anxiety and inhale a whole lot of peace and calmness.

Oh darling if you don’t take a break you will burnout and get to a point where you don’t even understand why you are alive or the purpose of life itself.If you don’t take time to breathe a little you will despise the existence of humanity and on top of that you will end up loosing your sanity.

You can maintain peace within Chaos by following some of these steps which I think are vital and helpful.



#Step back and stop doing whatever you are busy with and face the situation at hand.

#Now try to ignore all the negativity that exists within the Chaos and focus on what you can do to eliminate those aspects

#Figure out the things that might have led you to be worn out and let them go.Let it go if it drains your energy,stop doing it.

#Get rid of anything that attracts stress and overthinking.Let it go.

#Sit down and relax and actually take a break from everything.Meditate or pray or better still do something that will relax your mind and body such as Yoga ,reading a book,getting a massage probably spend a weekend alone to relax and regain your strength.

Honey remember that anything that isn’t good for your mental health isn’t good for you and the people around you. For the sake of your mental sanity,always try to create and maintain peace within Chaos.

Author:Eve Bodirwa

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