I’m pretty sure  you have heard  or read quotes like “happiness begins when you let go of toxic people in your life” and other statements such as “until you let go of all toxic people in your life, you won’t be able to grow”.

Most often in life, we go through situations that make us feel numb and we eventually feel overwhelmed and start doubting ourselves and our abilities.


A toxic factor is anything that discourages you and immediately sets your mood very low. Some of those factors can be your family, friends, bad habits, addictions and so forth. You might ask yourself, how do these people toxify me? well let’s say for example,You have dreams and goals and you are very ambitious about them that you just want to share them with your loved ones being your friends and family members. You know when you are passionate about something, you think about it all the time, your imagination goes wild and you are so positive that it will manifest and be real. So imagine feeling that way, and after pouring your heart out and sharing your dreams with someone and their response is “Yeah right, keep on dreaming”…or “Be realistic”…or even “Oh really?..You think you can do that?you out of all people, oh well if you think you can do it so can I and so can any Tom dick and harry, So its not really a big deal”.

I mean I know for sure my spirit would be crashed. These are the type of people you do not need in your life, if you are going to do amazing things in this world. This is pure damage to you, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This is utter discouragement which will ultimately lead to your downfall or even worse a mental breakdown.

You can get rid of such people including family ‘YES FAMILY CAN BE TOXIC TOO’.
It’s really hard to live with people who are constantly talking down on you and discouraging you and making you feel  worthless. Sometimes they may not see what they are doing to you and sometimes it might be on purpose but either way you need to put yourself first.
Honey, love yourself, take care of you. You are the only you there is in this world and you need to respect that and value yourself and use that as your power.

Now getting rid of toxic people and letting go first starts with knowing yourself and knowing your  worth. The simplest thing you can do is keeping your distance. Always make  sure you are not around those people, You can keep in touch, especially with family because no man is an island and the end of the day family is family. We need each other, but  while you are keeping in touch, be out of reach. Make sure that you do not surround yourself with people who don’t help you grow.


Beware of fake friends and people who want your life. People might be friends with you because of what you are not who you are. That is the biggest problem because those people are obviously not there to stay. They won’t be real with you, they won’t rejoice when you flourish rather, they will get bitter and that’s how most people become toxic. So now because they are bitter, and jealous, they will not support anything you say or do but they will constantly  make you feel bad for your decisions. Everything you do will just seem wrong to them and wether you try to do good it will never be good enough. They will crash your spirit and because you love them, you will always justify and tolerate their actions and also because you do not want to lose them as your friends. Yes people go through these things, funny enough….

Let me tell you something darling, there has to come a point in your life where you decide to step up and stand firm and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. You cannot let yourself be treated  unfairly by the people closest to you. It is time to let go, remember that your elevation might require your isolation.

Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams and visions. Be friends with those who know morethan you and are willing to teach you new stuff. Allow yourself to enter into a new realm, a new dimension of life where everything is possible. Always keep yourself busy with things that make you happy and people who make you laugh.

That, honey is how you let go of toxic factors in your life.

Author:Eve Bodirwa


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