​|A positive mind leads to a positive life|

photo by: loves_coffeebreak 

There is power in what you say therefore it is extremely vital to fill your mouth with life, not death. Make sure that whatever comes from your mouth uplifts your spirit and makes you feel good about yourself.

Let whatever you say about yourself  be positive if you want your life to turnout the way you imagine it. Remember thoughts become actions, according to the law of attraction and the power of the universe.

The law of attraction responds to your thoughts therefore let your thoughts become words and in addition to that, let your words become actions. Think about all the things that you want or want to become and confess them with your mouth because  your toungue is more powerful than a blazing fire. Remember that you are an amazing being and you deserve every beautiful thing that you desire. There is no one on earth who was meant to live the life that is less than their hearts desire.


Let’s do a small exercise  to challenge our way of thinking:

Think about all those things that you tend to think about when you feel down and out and really sad.

Now think about all the positive things  that you have said about yourself and tend to think about when you are motivated and content.

Lastly, I need you to think about how you felt during those two scenarios and choose the  way you would want your life to be forever. I for one, would  choose the second scenario because I know that when I am in a positive mood everything else in my life just turns out to be positive and  new things just unfold one after the other.

I love making refrence to the law of attraction simply because it just makes sense to me in every way and I can really relate to it and  I believe that  i can easily link this article to it.

“The law of attraction is always working  therefore when you are thinking it is an ongoing process…it doesnt have a pause”

Whatever you need, whatever you want, if you believe it in your heart to be true, and you confess it starting with the words ‘I AM’, then believe me, it will come true. Never ever doubt the power that is within you. Remeber we are spiritual beings therefore everything regarding your life, happens in the spiritual realm and then transcends into the physical.


Author: Eve Bodirwa
I have heard of quite a lot of successful people saying that  fear is invitable but it shouldn’t stop you from believing that You are what you confess with your mouth.



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