​”Once you become fearless,life becomes limitless.

The perks of doing what you love are obviously pretty awesome because you get to set your schedule the way it suits you. This is usually where people get tested on the most crucial components such as consistancy, commitment, responsibility and others alike. I’d like to think that all of these components co-relate and you need to pertain almost all of them in order to be successful in your endevours.

Today I would like to encourage that person who feels like they want to help someone or even change the world or want to take on a new adventure of exploring their talents. Do you feel like you are ready to  experience the unknown world where you are free to express your inner thoughts and showcase your skills?.Everything is possible but you first need to believe it in your heart. Tell yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to.


The power is in writing down all your dreams and affirmations in your journal. We cannot remember everything we  think about and that is why we constantly need to jot down our thoughts in a place where we can go to get reference and remind ourselves. That is what a journal or diary is meant for  and anyone who has dreams and goals needs to have it. Also remember that if you want to succeed  you shouldn’t worry about what others are doing, rather stay focussed on your own vision and another important issue is that ideas only, will not take you anywhere but think about making those ideas happen.

“As you go on your journey always remember that greatness is not found in possessions,power,position or prestige.It is discovered in goodness,humility, service and character”. This quote means a lot to me, as someone who strongly believes in serving humanity because at the end of the day it’s all about  being content in knowing that you have made a difference in someone else’s life. This just reminds me of an extract I came across while reading through a certain blog. The powerful words that actually touched me from the specific extract  were…” You may not change the world, but you will bring a smile to the whole world of an individual.


Never ever think that your ideas or dreams are invalid. There is a reason why that thought came to you.The universe chose you, and God appointed you to perform and pursue that purpose. Why do you think you are alive?, It is simply because you are valuable and the world needs you. Never let fear overwhelm you or overpower you. You are powerful than you think. You are capable of doing amazing things and you need to give yourself time to consult with the higher power, in the spiritual realm to guide you and reveal to you and make you aware of what your purpose is in life.

Author: Eve Bodirwa

Always motivate yourself to do better.Be the best version of you. Do what you are passionate about and fulifill your purpose in life.




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