‚Äč|Netsa Lemma’s artistic  journey through South Africa, New York City & East Africa|

Women are truely doing amazing things all over the world by following their true passions which sets their souls on fire. It is such an honor to be acquianted to this free spirited  and creative woman, Netsa Lemma. A humble & out going  phillanthropist in her own right. She is a mentor,a sister and a daughter to Africa’s renowned Fine artist Dr Lemma Guya who invented the lemmism art technique.

She lives in the largest City in the US, NEW YORK which is known for its breath taking sky skrapers and ofcourse the fast paced urban/modern lifestyle. I believe it is every young artist’s dream to be able to travel around the world doing what you love. Netsa is an inspiration to a lot of  female artists and her life is proof that every dream is valid and authenticity and being true to yourself  will definately take you places.

She is  a regular traveller therefore she  Co-founded  the Lemmism Ethiopian Art, which is located in Debre Ziet Ethiopia in East Africa. The lemmism project aims to train domestic and international people in the arts and it also focusses on economic and cultural development. Some of her work are found in  numerous private collections in South Africa, Ethiopia and New York.

Let me take you through an awesome moment with the NEW YORK based artist Netsa Lemma through this interview.


Oh darling thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview. Can you tell us when did Netsa start painting?

Well, I started painting at the age of five and my work has been featured in many exhibitions including the United Nations in New  York.


What/who influenced you to pursue art as a career?

Well my father because he is an artist himself but I have always loved old masters paintings particularly work by Picasso, Henri Matisse  and Vincent Van Gogh.

Photo: Dr Lemma guya in his studio

How would you describe your style?

Uhm, I would describe my style as Post-Abstract Realism.


Do you have formal education relating to art/fine art?

Yes, I actually hold degrees in Fine Art and Psychology.

photo: Netsa Lemma with South African Minister of Arts & Culture Min Nathi Mthethwa.


What topics do you focus on in your art creation?

I particularly deal with strong universal topics such as, Life, Religion, Science, Breast cancer, HIV/AIDS  and cultural issues


How much did your most expensive painting sell for?

The painting is titled ‘When justice fails’ and it was sold for  $ 50 000.

photo: When justice fails painting, oil on canvas

When and where was your most recent exhibition?

My recent exhibition was held at Oromia Cultural Centre at Addis Ababa In East Africa.

Photo: Netsa Lemma with Former secretaries general Kofi Annan (United Nations)


Can you take us through your art process.Which medium do you use?


I  use oil paint and I paint on three different surfaces which are, hardboard, stretched canvas and my fathers awesome invention, goat skin. 

Photo: Title: Minister of Arts & Culture Mr Nathi Mthethwa (South Africa). Oil on goatskin


What advice do you have for our reader?


Follow your heart and work hard.

Netsa also added that she loves puppies and dogs  and she adores children.She has facilitated several childrens art workshops  in Africa and the United States.

photo:Netsa Lemma with her cute dogs(South Africa)

More pictures of Netsa in the United states.

photo: Netsa Lemma with her best friend(South Africa)

Author: Eve Bodirwa


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