|Lunch at Saskia|

It’s amazing how we discover new places  in somewhat unexpected places.

I am and always have been a foodie, and ofcourse a lover  of nice things. Over the past weekend, I had attended one of my cousins baby shower and it was just a pleasant opportunity to get to spend time with my family and friends. I must say that it’s always merry and joyful when we are together even though I’m not too fond of  extremely  loud conversations and luckily on this specific occasion it was just  us ‘The girls’.

Anyways, I love branching in these small and cosy  restuarants  where there is comfort and peace of mind and well honestly I go there mostly for the free wifi,*giggles* which is not really a bad idea. I usually just order coffee  and  a  chocolate cake because I go there to work not so much to eat, and well I think my choice of caffeine and a slice of cake gets me in the mood to write and focus on jotting down some ideas in my journal and laptop. That’s actually a typical day of Eve’s so called ‘ME TIME’. I spend my Me Time scribbling down some ideas,setting goals and so forth.

The most interesting  part about my weekend was the chosen venue, Saskia Restuarant at Fusion boutique hotel  which is located in the heart of Polokwane City. I was marvelled by the ravishing interior decor and that was the first impression that fully caught my attention as I stepped into the  luxurious 5 star hotel. It’s almost like it was meant for royalty. I just loved the way they used the subtle shades of nude and browns and the whole interior just gives you this earthereal and natural feeling almost like a royal palace.

Need I not forget my favorite part of the day which was of course Lunch time. I am such a foodie and  I crave delicacies when I’m ravenous and tell you what, the menu just exceeded my expectations. I had this delicious beef lasagne  with a salad on the side  and Lord knows how awesome it tasted in mouth. I like the fact that they sort of added the salad to balance the whole meal and I must say the idea worked and I give the chef a heads up for such a scrumptious meal because it wasn’t over the top.

And how could I forget the timeless almost realistic  fine Art paintings. Unfortunately I have not met the artist  yet but I definately will, I am an artist and an art enthusiast  and ofcourse I have asked around

I should mention the staff’s work ethic (brilliant), It seems like I might be blogging about my meeting with her(the artist)  pretty soon.

To top it all the ladies were of good company and the conversations and games were pretty fun and  the staff was really awesome. 

Author: Eve Bodirwa

details about the hotel & restuarant 


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