|Emancipate yourself from mental slavery|

There is nothing  disheartening like living a life that seems to have no direction or purpose. One thing I have realised throughout my journey to self discovery  is that as long as you have not found your purpose, your heart will not be at ease. You need to be free’d and emancipated from mental slavery but how can you be free if you don’t even know that you have been enslaved?.

So I am sitting here  with my cup of cofee at 9:25 pm and I am thinking to myself, what would have happened to me if I had been blatant & ignorant towards my dreams and followed a different route just to please people?. Who would I have become and where would I be right now?. I am thinking, wow I honestly love the woman I have become and I remember this lovely quote that says ‘I have become & I am becoming everything I fought to be, I am magical and deserving of sweetness’.

I would like to encourage you to remain as awesome as you are and not envy what doesn’t belong to you. What was meant for you will eventually find it’s way back to you.

1.Focus on fulfilling your hearts desire and brace yourself for greatness.

2.Work hard and expect the best according to the effort you have put in.

3.Let no one discourage you because you are awesome and fabulous and most importantly living a purpose filled life.

4.Find your inner peace and trust me your life will never be the same again.

5.Challenge your way of thinking & help other people if you can and if you can’t, you must refer them to someone who can.

6.Move from that spot you have been stuck on for years.You deserve better.You deserve the best.You were meant to win &  to prosper.

7.Dust yourself and seek the truer version of you. You can only find that version of you if you are true to yourself and do not need any validation from anyone.

Remember that the difference between who you are and what you want to be is what you do. You cannot expect your life to change without putting any effort to it. There has to be a change of behaviour somewhere somehow in order for you to experience a paradigm change in your life.
It is pretty simple, do what your heart says you should do but take your mind along with you.


A lot of people will come into your life and try to change you to suit their lifestyle because they love the idea of having you but honey they cannot handle you.

Author:Eve Bodirwa




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