|Small things  in life also matter|

Most often people overlook the valuable aspects of their lives and focus on the most  unnecessary things that causes them to be weary and drained. This happens to any human being and it sort of  occurs subconciously. This might be because We as humans tend to overthink about  things that don’t really need that much of energy and attention. How can you be a great leader or simply a happy person if you keep on focussing on the negative. Nothing good  will ever come from negative energy.
Can we learn to focus and appreciate the little things in life because those are the main aspects that shape us into being happy souls and in being happy and content we can change the world. Can we give ourselves time to do things that make us happy because through happiness comes a content spirit and through a content spirit we become humble and when we are humble we have humility. We become good people not only to other people but also to ourselves.

“happiness is an inside job”

In order for us to be happy and be able to enjoy the little things that matter in life, we first need to acknowledge that life has it’s own ups and downs, and I remember having a conversation with  a very good friend  mine  who  said ,  “ours is a road with many twists and turns and we either adapt or die”, I found this statement to be so profound  considering the industry we are in.(Arts industry)
This also made me realise that instead of focussing on the unbearable situations we go through, we always encourage one another to dream big and appreciate where we are at the moment and just believe that it will all work out in the end. Throughout this process we enjoy every moment of it, from our  unconventional exhibitions and art shows and the joys of being around friends  and hanging out  and talking about the things we love, and our families who support us in our journey. This is exactly what it means to enjoy the little things.

Proverbs 3:27

Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them.

When you are humble and content you will automatically have the spirit of helping others not because you have much but because it is in your power to do so and you are actualy capable of doing it. If only people knew the joy that comes in after helping someone I think the whole world would be philanthropists and humanitarians by now.

Author: Eve Bodirwa




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