FACIAL DETOX TREATMENT|Organic virgin coconut oil

Coconut oil is not only edible but also good for smoothening and massaging ones skin.

I have never really been that type of girl who cares much about  how my face looks or even give my self some time to take care of my face because I have always had a smooth face  or so i thought. So now I am at that point where I want to fall inlove with myself and I feel like the first place to start pampering should be my face,which I feel somehow defines me.

Firstly I believe in using natural or rather organic products on my body because they make my skin feel and look fresh and healthy. I believe that every once in a while, you should give yourself some time for self love and self admiration because your body is stuck with you for the rest of your life and can it not be as bad as it sounds, because we all know if something is stuck that means its not supposed to be there..or it is not appreciated where it is. Let your body be your best friend.


●Make sure your face is clean and clear.

● Rub the coconut oil on your face using the palms of your hands and keep going in circular motion.

●Massage your face using your palms.

●Wet a face cloth with warm water and wring it a little bit then wipe your face and feel the fresh breeze on your face.

●You can repeat this process for a month or two weeks depending on how you want to see the final results.

I have started using this coconut oil from woolworths just to perform some sort of facial detox because I have never pampered my face so I just think this is the right time and I somehow feel like it’s a new beginning for something,

Basically research has proven that coconut oil does things to your skin and I would like to highlight some benefits which I cant wait to experience myself.


#1 It is obviously organic and we all know that anything that’s organic is good for the human body

#2 It has a gazillion proteins which simply means that when applied to the skin, it keeps the skin feeling fresh on the surface as well as internally.

#3 It is the best remedy for smoothering and softening the skin. You basically have to put it on your palms and rub them against each other and apply to your face. The best thing any woman would ever ask for, is a smooth and soft face almost like a baby’s bum.

#4 Now the best thing about cococut oil is that it serves as an anti-aging product.

#5 Coconut oil is also the best moisturizing product for your face and  gives your skin an even tone and obviously keeping it healthy.

I hope this will also work for you because a lot of women have been using it for a while now I am just joining in and trying it out for myself. As a pessimist I already know it works and  I’ll be glowing in a few days or so.

Author  Eve Bodirwa



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