Self-love is by far the most valuable gift you could ever give yourself. We often find ourselves consumed in so many things that we tend to forget to love and appreciate ourselves. It is of vital importance to feel good about yourself and enjoy your own company. 

One wise man once asked a question, If the only humans on Earth were you and another you, would you be able to live with you?.I found this to be a very interesting question because it made me wonder if I really love myself that much.
Now the issue of self love is often taken for granted because people tend to look for love from someone else whereas your first love should be you. Woman, you need to love yourself darling, be that type of a woman who looks and talks to herself on the mirror daily and make Powerful affirmations that you will live by everyday.

Be that type of a woman who sees herself as a queen and  acts like one. Be that type of a woman who knows her worth and through her smile and positive words, everyone she speaks to, is never the same person afterwards. Be that type of a woman who loves herself enough to know that she is in no competition with anyone but herself.

Self love is all about being confident in who you are and not being ashamed of your flaws but actually embracing them. Self love is about loving everything  about your life, starting with your inner you, then your body, and the skills and talents you have been blessed with. A woman who loves herself is the one who takes being alone as a time to reflect and relax  instead of feeling lonely and empty.



If you know how valuable you are, you wont be bothered by stupid little distractions in life. Know what you want, find out the real you and embrace her. Respect yourself and Respect others.


One most time-worthy action you can take is reading books to increase your knowledge and find inspiration. You need to be that woman who is often refered to as ‘A beauty with brains’. Remember that knowledge is power and also reading stimulates your mind and makes it more active.


This is pretty simple. Go to a spar, or  create a lovely pampering tub with rose petals and perfumes and soak yourself in  and just relax. (I heard that adding honey and milk also helps)


NO,this is not some ‘single lady tips’ what not. You just need to be alone and be happy alone so that you can spread that joy to your loved ones.


Now most people tend to confuse loving yourself with being selfish. You need to spend time with your loved ones, ofcourse they bring out the best in you and the more you are surrounded by love, is when you will learn to love yourself unconditionally.

I hope these tips will help you find the inner you and when you do please embrace her.
Author: Eve Bodirwa



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