​It is often said that nothing can seperate  women and beautiful things.On this  beauty feature we get into the life of  a very ambitious and awesome woman who is a force to be reckoned with. Mokgadi divine Charmaine Masuvhe is a young fabulous beauty entrentrepreneur who does amazing things with the work of her hands. She is the founder and owner of Vhuthu Beauty and health Spa. She is one phenomenal woman who is an inspiration  and also proof that  women can do it. 
Charmaine reminds me of this quote that says…”There is no force more powerful than a womam who is determined to rise. She is in her 20’s and her business is blooming and women all over are receiving her marvelous talent. She is such a great example that yes woman, it is possible to reach your goals if you are determined and most importantly believe in yourself. She has worked with amazing and awesome women such as the Lovely Songbird Phutuma Tiiso on one of her album photoshoots.

I got the chance to speak with charmaine and just peep into her life  a little bit and ofcourse get some beauty tips.

1. What made you choose the beauty industry?

Well, as a teenager i used to loooove make up and i had a problematic skin and seeing my peers were also struggling with acne i always felt i could do somethingto help. So the curiosity of whats happening under one’s skin that causes acne and how it can be traeted led me into the beuty industry. And again the love of giving my mom a massage after a stressful day at work not forgetting my friends, they used to enjoy my neck and shoulder massage in class during free period.  😁

2. Have you always been a lover of make-up as a young girl?

Ofcouse. I grew up with my aunts and my granny….so I always sneeked into my aunt’s room to play around with her makep. They’d find me looking all “spooky” with the wrong colour foundation and blue eyeshadows that I used to apply with my fingers and red blush.  Nevertheless I saw myself beautiful in that makeup. Lol

3. What makes you tick?

Im a people’s person. So clealy seeing clients happy about the results.

4.How did you end up being an entrepreneur?

I saw a gap in the industry…there were lots of ladies that used to approach me to do their makeup for graduation and photoshoots. So because I had the skill and the drive, I gave it a shot.

5. What’s your favourite make-up brand in SA?

Kryolan, MUD and  MAC

6. Do you have a favourite hair salon, which is your go to place?

Not really.

Photo: Songbird PHUTUMA TISO(make-up by Charmaine Masuvhe)

7. Can you give us some make-up tips, take us through the process of doing a face beat.

Well, the most important thing is to have the correct colour foundation. I always say if you can’t find a perfect match go for the one that’s 1shade darker than your own skin colour so that it matches with the colour on  your neck. And use s foundation brush to apply it.

To get the brows on fleek, Well… all you have to do is just fill them into the shape you want them to be (wouldn’t advice a black pencil, but dark brown would be a better choice, looks less harsh) and then carve them out with a concealer (oh and don’t forget to blend!) And finally set your brows with a brow gel (this is optional). I love using the MAC Brow Pencils, they are very good. But any brand will do…the most important thing is the technique.

 For the eyes it can be tricky because it depends on your preference, just don’t go overboard… If you decide to use eyeshadow, then apply primer on your eyelids so that your eyes won’t crease up on you, and then use an eyeshadow base to neutralize the color of your own eyelids. After you’ve blended out all the shades of your choice, you can then apply an eyeliner, mascara and false(fake lashes).

For the lips…don’t go for light or too much bright colour if youhave a dark skin tone.

8. How do you jugle work and family?

I’ve got a very supportive and hands on husband, so he makes life much more easier
. #colgatesmile 😃

9.Do you think make-up defines a person?

I don’t think so. Because for me makeup is there to enhance our beauty and to a certain level  boost our confidence.

10.what advice would you give to our reader who wants to tap into the beauty industry?

It’s a very fun and  broad industry and only you can limit yourself.
Author: Eve Bodirwa

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