Fashion is an extremely broad and versatile industry with fast ever evolving trends. It’s somewhat not too easy to keep up with.GUCCI is one most popular and loved brand which ofcourse is every woman’s dream and I believe most fashion enthusiasts can attest to that.

I for one am a huge fan of GUCCI like many other awesome women, speaking of which….The glamourous fashionista  and social media influencer Charity Baaitse clearly knows how to utelize and accessorize this posh handbag.

Below are pictures I have compiled with this geogeours lady showcasing her chic GUCCI bag.

I know that most of us need that handbag which sort of matches with any outfit we might wanna rock at any given  day for that ‘OOTD’ look right?. It’s really a good idea to have such a life saving item in your fabulous closet.

I love the subtle but  distinguished stripes on the bag because they make it more classy. The   GG marmont metalassee is so portable and allows you to be more flex when carrying it around. I love the fact that your phone amd journal plus a few additional items can fit into this  cutie.

What more can you ask for when you have this sovenir which fits quiet nicely whith any form of style, wether it’s sophisticated, edgy or casual and ofcourse you can attend any occasion with it.That is how  incredibly awesome it is.

This  elegant bag sure is every woman’s dream and a smart lifetime bargain accessory.

PRICE: $2300

Author: Eve Bodirwa

This fashion feature is meant for the minimalist who love finer things.