Ever considered giving yourself everything you want?. By this, I don’t mean things such as a brand new car and a huge mansion …right away..(well but if you ca afford , then why not?…Go get it sister girl). I am talking about  matters of the heart.Your inner cravings,such as a road trip by your self or your girlfriends.I’m talking about writing that book you’ve always wanted to write…or even writing that book you have always wanted to read. Most often than not, we tend to search for things that we desire , on the outside. 

Have you considered that maybe what you are looking for is already within you and just waiting for you to release it? If you want to read a book that talks about a powerhouse type of woman,…why don’t you write yourself and be inspired by your own work and also be an inspiration to other women.

What I have realised about us humans is that we are so creative,morethan we could ever imagine, but the thing is we are also very ignorant. We tend to shy away from things that actually make us happy. Saying Yes to you, is basically releasing all those happy feelings you get when you think about the goals you want to achieve.

I know that most of the time you just feel so reluctant when thinking of taking action yo pursue your goals. Let me tell you something sweet darling. Ever since I started blogging, I felt this abundant Joy in my heart, and that’s because I decided to say yes to me and finally do something that I have been holding back on for years, due to fear and self-doubt. This year I am saying Yes to me and following my heart. There are  still a handful of things that I want to pursue and I am saying yes. Only the Universe will tell me when it is time. But for now, I am just preparing myself.

Sweetheart, yes you awesome woman,take that first step, go out there and get some fresh air, take some time out and listen to your inner voice. Once you have heard the message clearly, SAY YES TO YOU


#1  I declare God’s marvelous favour upon my life as I pursue my goals.

#2 I am the head and not the tail,therefore I will make it to the end point.

#3 I will start following the path that God will guide me to for I know he will not mislead me

#4 I am a Queen and I reign supreme.

#5 Today I say Yes to me.

Author:Eve Bodirwa