You might be going through a rough patch in your life right now because Life always has its tolls and unfortunately we cannot run away from them. Have you ever paused for a minute and thought to yourself, ‘what if I’m giving my all to people and actually not giving myself some time to relax and love myself’.

Well honey there are times when we get so caught up in a lot of things that eventually leads to mental health breakdowns and we wonder what went wrong. Let me tell you what went went wrong. You focus too much on making other people happy and you forget about yourself and most often than not, the person who’s always there for everyone usually has no one who’s there for them.

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It is hard but I’d like to encourage you to just pause and work on being in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much but is still standing. Someone once used used an analogy or rather comparison of boarding on a plane and putting on an oxygen mask before helping someone else. So basically this tells us that you need to take care of yourself and make sure that you are 100% intact before you can actually help other people because honey your mental health sanity is very important and crucial.
The sad thing is that people take it lightly until they can no longer handle life anymore.


#Be committed to loving yourself
#Be kind to yourself
#Clean up after yourself
#Get rid of toxic people in your life
#Always focus on self improvement
#Never allow anyone to belittle you
#Take a break for the sake of your mental sanity
#Understand that self-love is not being selfish
#Realise your self -worth and value yourself
#Learn to say No
#Attract and desire positive energies/vibes
#Do things to please you
#fall I love with the beauty of nature
#Organise your living space to be conducive
#write yourself cute love letters
#Appreciate your inmost being
#Consider that you are complete and whole

The list goes on and on but the most critical emphasis is that you should put your happiness first and then you’ll be able to love yourself and other people aswell as spread positivity everywhere you go simply because you took the decision to put yourself first.

Much love & blessings

Author: Eve Bodirwa





You are a divine creation


You have been divinely created by the most high so you can shine and sparkle amongst other stars without having to worry about who shines best because honey stars do not compete.

Be authentic in everything you do and you will reap rewards that are higher and beyond your expectations. The distance between your dreams and reality is called action, now adjust your Crown and get your day started Queen.

Much love and blessings

Author:Eve Bodirwa

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It can be really difficult to deal with life’s hurdles sometimes. We go through a lot as human beings and worse as women. A lot of people deal with dissapointment so good, that they just move on so quickly after having experienced a  great deal of utter dissapointment and well on the other hand there are those who just cannot move on. 

Imagine failing at something that you put your heart and soul into, and it just doesn’t workout no matter how hard you try to tackle it from different angles. The most successful people actually live up to this quote that says ” No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up”. Well for some people it might seem like oh well better said than done, because how do I show up to an important meeting when I literally feel so worthless and like I just wanna die you know.

Well honey, honey, not so fast. Do you honestly think that all of these successful awesome women have never faced dissapointment or even had their ideas crashed or undermined by people they thought would be so exhillerated and happy to help them execute those ideas?. Or do you think that they have perfect lives and everything they do just turns into gold and always runs smoothly and there aren’t even any hurdles?.Well you have thought wrong.

photo: @loves_coffeebreak

There is no one in this life who doesn’t face difficulties and dissapointments, therefore what you need to do  is  to always go back  to your journal and  reflect on the moment you had that idea and think about the excitement and posive feeling you had. Reflect upon those times where you felt like it’s going to happen and it is possible and nothing will stop you from achieving that goal.

My advice is that you should always find some material such as motivational videos and books that will help you stay in motion and  remain positive about your goals and life in general and most importantly  always remind yourself of this beautiful and powerful words. “I AM NOT A FAILURE”.

Author:Eve Bodirwa



Lights, Camera, Capture. 

Photography is one form of art that is really amazing and the most precious and fun part  about photography is capturing special moments with your loved ones. You can go anywhere around the world at this moment in time, you will find people taking pictures just to capture moments. Now we have people who are really passionate about taking pictures and make it a point to help others celebrate their special days.

In this article we feature South Africa’s very own female photographer and fine artist Leigh Skinner-Tebbut. She is an inspiration to many  upcoming photographers.Based in the Cape and lives her life surrounded by creativity every single day, she has been in the creative industry for quite some time.Let’s get to know her.

Question: Who is leigh, where is she based and what does she love?

Answer: I am Leigh Skinner , i live and work in East London and the Eastern Cape area . i love to travel when i can , i have brought up my 3 sons with much passion and enjoyed each moment and i love my Art and Photography , it is my life .

Q: Take us through your normal daily routine.

A: A typical day starts with an early wake up as i love to see the dawn break and hear the birds wake up , then i go to gym and thereafter begins work which can be seeing , clients, editing , shooting ,Travelling, paperwork or on a  good day, painting .

i fetch my school going son in the afternoon and take him to his music lessons or other and continue working inbetween . Some days i teach one on one , a basic photography course . Evenings is  time with my sons and cooking and chatting . Later i often get stuck into some editing when the house is quiet, and end off catching up with social media and some reading .

Q: Do you have any formal training relating to photography or the Arts?

 A: I attended the Port Elizabeth technikon many years ago but did not complete the three years Art course . I then trained under the head of the faculty privately for three years ,  many years later whilst raising my son’s . I have attended short courses to become digitally compatible with photography and general computer literacy .

Q: So you are a photographer and a fine artist?

A: Yes i am a Professional Photographer and a Fine Artist and work mainly in oils and mixed media .

Q: What  do you photograph?

A: I am very diverse in my Photography and cover Wedding Photography , Portraits, Fashion, Lifestyle . Architecture and Decor. all with a creative and documentary approach .

Q: What is your subject matter, in your paintings?

A: I was primarily a contemporary Landscape Painter but i have journeyed into the area of people and life and in a very instinctive and modern style , inclusive of bright exciting hues and many stories within stories , very much influenced by the imagery i see in my Photography work .

Q: Who  are your influences, any old masters perhaps?

A: One of my favourite Masters and one that influenced me hugely is Turner and Constable , Modern painters that influenced me are David Hockney , Dieter Roth and Jasper Johns amongst others .

Q: When was your big break in the industry?

A: I have been through phases , I painted very successfully and sold Internationally  before i was diagnosed and treated for cancer in 2009 , a series of events led to my taking a sabbatical until last year when i started painting again . Photography for me has been a 5 year process of hard work and building up a reputation and clients .

Q: You work with people a lot, how do you handle  difficult clients?

A:  I am a very easy going person and it is rare that difficult clients upset me , i tend to see it as a challenge to overcome their bad humour and win them over .

Q: What makes you tick?

A: Life makes me tick , inclusive of my three beautiful sons, my creativity and beauty surrounding us .

Q: What Advice would you give to an aspiring photographer or fine artist?

A: The advice i would give is be humble , work really hard and consistently , keep learning and you will succeed .

Author:Eve Bodirwa



When you go through life doing the same thing every single day you sort of get to a point where you get tired and exhausted and feel trapped. What I have learnt  so far is that even if you are doing the same thing, why not spice it up a little bit and make it fun.

It can be very stressful to not know how to have fun while working. The best thing you can do for yourself is to try and do things differently and improvise just to add a bit of spark in what you do.

As a creative, I have been having this huge problem of thinking that there is only one way of doing something and I would always do the same routine and wondered why I wasn’t getting excited but rather exhausted and drained. I then figured out that the hinderence was in following the same protocol until I allowed myself to delve into this new  sphere of life where everything is spontaneous. This new world is so fun and I get to do things my own way but with a twist everytime.

I was so afraid to showcase my creativity to the world until I decided to take a leap of faith and experience life.

The idea and whole purpose is to just have fun and be content with you are without getting off the road you were destined to travel on.
Try  being spontaneous and be free spirited and experience a surrealistic type of life where anything is possible and dreams come true. Imagine yourself in the universe Space, just flowing in the sky with no gravitational force. Let yourself go, and those creative ideas will just flow and you will become that awesome woman you aspire to be.

Author:Eve Bodirwa


How to Have that LADYBOSS hustle

Dearie, please believe in yourself, your prayers and your hustle. You need to understand that most  successful ladies are  where they are today simply because they believed in themselves and  they never let anything discourage them. The thing with a woman who is embarking on ‘the journey’ to success, but seems not to be progressing is that you contradict yourself by doing things that have nothing to do with your goals. Come on you smart woman,see, giving up is not an option. You need to grind and hustle until you reach your destination.

Now you need to have that Girlboss/ladyboss hustle where nothing can stop you  from reaching your dreams and  when you are driven by that type of spirit coupled with determination and passsion you will ultimately accomplish your mission and goals.  A ladyboss is that awesome woman who is determined to embark on a journey less travelled because she is driven by passion and she knows what she wants.


You need to be set-apart  and be that one of a kind type of woman. Be out of reach especially to  controvertial issues that have nothing to do with your journey or mainly issues that will not help you grow to become the woman you ultimately want to become. Never focus on set-backs because   the comeback is always stronger than that, so when you face challenges and difficulties stay strong and know that your hardwork will eventually pay off.


You must also be smart enough to know when to let go because in life, there are some things that just won’t work no matter how much  effort you put into it, so stop watering dead plants because you will just be wasting your energy.Darling take a moment and do some self-reflection in order to find out why you do the things you do, and if it is beneficial to you  and that will help you correct your mistakes and better yourself.

OH awesome woman! hustle hard, go out there and get things done with that Girlboss/ladyboss hustle. I promise you the universe will respond  positively.

Author: Eve Bodirwa