Life can be extremely chaotic to a point where one feels as though they can’t control themselves. Chaos exists in life,generally and just like many other things,chaos is somewhat inevitable. You can find yourself trapped in mud ,out of the blue at that very moment where you thought your life is in order.

What most of us fail to understand is that these things happen to the best people out there,people whom we think have it all together. You need to stop thinking that you are the only person going through a rough patch because let me tell you

something,everyone one in this whole entire world goes through tough times and some people even go through the most of it.

Now, you need to train yourself to remain calm and pause when you find yourself in the midst of chaos.A lot of people still don’t grasp the concept of taking a break when you feel like you have done the most.

Ever felt like your body and your soul and your whole being just can’t take it anymore?well guess what honey it’s time for you to take a breath and exhale every ounce of anxiety and inhale a whole lot of peace and calmness.

Oh darling if you don’t take a break you will burnout and get to a point where you don’t even understand why you are alive or the purpose of life itself.If you don’t take time to breathe a little you will despise the existence of humanity and on top of that you will end up loosing your sanity.

You can maintain peace within Chaos by following some of these steps which I think are vital and helpful.


#Step back and stop doing whatever you are busy with and face the situation at hand.

#Now try to ignore all the negativity that exists within the Chaos and focus on what you can do to eliminate those aspects

#Figure out the things that might have led you to be worn out and let them go.Let it go if it drains your energy,stop doing it.

#Get rid of anything that attracts stress and overthinking.Let it go.

#Sit down and relax and actually take a break from everything.Meditate or pray or better still do something that will relax your mind and body such as Yoga ,reading a book,getting a massage probably spend a weekend alone to relax and regain your strength.

Honey remember that anything that isn’t good for your mental health isn’t good for you and the people around you. For the sake of your mental sanity,always try to create and maintain peace within Chaos.

Author:Eve Bodirwa

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Follow your heart’s rythm

A lot of people dread Mondays like it’s some sort of monster. Even though I can’t really blame you because some of you unfortunately have to face your horrible bosses, jealous colleagues and basically just a whole lot of office politics or perhaps some of you are just mainly doing something you are not really passionate about but because you need to put bread on the table you are somehow left with no choice but to accept your reality.

I need you to think about this, can you imagine how different your life would be if you were actually working in a field or environment that you love? Well I’d like to think that your life would be 10 times better than it is now and you would most probably be the happiest person alive.

Now Speaking of happiness, do you know that most people are rude, unkind, jealous, greedy because they are bitter inside. People are bitter because they are not living the life they are supposed to be living and they envy those who are. The problem comes when an opportunity for “change” presents it’self but then you decide to ignore it because you are looking at your current situation and not focusing on the brighter side of things.

Another thing is that most people are just not risk takers I mean I’d like to think that all of us have that enigmatic moment where the little voice inside of us tells us “it is now time to let go of what’s hindering us to chase our dreams, it is time to take a risk and follow our hearts rhythm and ultimately reach our destiny”. It is during this time, this moment where we have to listen and take action if it means leaving your current job and following your hearts rhythm then why not do it. Why do we have so much fear?.


I urge you darling to step up and step out and follow your hearts rhythm because you will never fulfill your earthly purpose from your comfort zone. Explore your skills and talents until you finally feel that you have arrived at your destination and your heart is fulfilled.

Much love & blessings

Author:Eve Bodirwa

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I remember from a very young age I’ve always wanted to be lady boss. I’d play office all by myself or sometimes with my little sister and pretend to be this powerful owner of a media company. Well I think the inspiration came from a soapie known as (Generations) we used to watch as a family.


As a creative child I’ve kind of always known that eventually my life would somehow end up in the creative industry and well that is where it currently is.

The reason why I shared a little bit of my past here is to just highlight the fact that regardless of how people view you, your life will end up the way you view yourself.

Everything we do and who we are is representation of our “inner-self”. Therefore it does not matter what people say about you and who they think you are because you are who you say or think you are and whether people accept it or not let it not bother you. (as long as they don’t pay your bills, why should you care?).


The most underrated thing in the world is a woman who doesn’t care about other people’s opinions about her. Darling, that is the most powerful woman and people just don’t seem to realise that, instead they’d rather label you as stupid, ignorant, rude, arrogant and the likes.

Imagine being labelled all of those things simply because you chose to live your best life and chose to not let the society define you and on top of that you create your own rules and walk on your own path and focus on you. I mean if this is not the best definition of an awesome woman then I don’t know what is.

My main concern on this topic is that you need to create the life that makes your soul happy whether it brings you money or not because, what is the use of having all the money in the world and your soul is not at peace and you are always full of anxiety because you are trying hard to conform and live up to the standards of the society. No it can never be me or you, and the reason being? We are awesome.

Say this with me honey.


Much love and blessings

Author:Eve Bodirwa

Xoxoxo IG:@awesomewomenhightea


Life is so sweet and what makes it even sweeter is the beauty that is found in “DREAMS”.

Just to clarify what a dream is, let me quickly define it for you in my own words.
A dream is a beautiful thrilling vision that goes on in our thoughts through imagination coupled with a sense of hope and faith and the sub-byproduct of a dream is passion.

Photo:@loves_ coffeebreak

Now we all have dreams even those who haven’t realised their dreams yet. The power of our dreams is in our ability to envision them as though they have come true. Hence we all need to have DREAM BOARD in order to remind ourselves of the things we aspire to achieve. Let’s get to it and create our fabulous dream boards.




When you have gathered of all these items you need to cut out pictures of the things you really like and would love to achieve in your life. For example you can cut out pictures of your favourite car, your dream house, dream office space, dream vacation and just about anything that makes you wanna work hard and ultimately achieve those things.

Firstly you need to be careful before you stick the pictures on to the board. I would advice you to play around with them. A little just until you figure out how you are going to place them on the board and when you already.


Paste your pictures on the board, you can even cut out letters to construct words on some parts of your vision board. Now take your markers and write down your favourite inspiration quotes and there you have it, your beautiful Dream board.

Remember that you are not inclined to have one vision board, you can make as many as you want.

Much love and blessings

Author:Eve Bodirwa

Xoxoxo…. Instagram:@awesomewomenhightea

FEMALE AUTHOR:Keamogetswe Bopalamo

Whoever said being feminine means that you can only handle the easy stuff was absolutely wrong. The world is waking up or needs to wake up to the power of young women simply because they are doing amazing things and are breaking boundries and norms. I personally am pro-women and my heart is filled with pure joy when young women hustle hard and embrace their talents. On this article, we feature an amazing female author from Rustenburg in the Northwest Province. It is none other than  the awesome Keamogetswe Bopalamo. 
Let’s get to know this ambitious awesome woman as she tells us about her book.

What is your profession/job description?


 Human Settlements Policy development coordinator for Rustenburg Local Municipality(my day job). I began writing ‘What I Wore’ 10 years ago. Initially the book was a personal diary called apple juice in a wine glass, a place I could escape to whenever I needed to instead of pouring myself a drink or getting high on drugs. It took me a while to complete the book, I was constantly consumed with the idea that my “diary entries” were more than just mine to keep and that it may be life changing (for me and others) if people got to read my book. I renamed Apple Juice in a Wine Glass to What I Wore, reflecting on all I wanted to let go off in the process of sharing myself and my story with the world.

Take us through your typical daily work routine?


 A typical day begins with my work at the Rustenburg Local Municipality. When I knock off it is often time to cook and do homework with my son but once he is in bed I have time to catch up on new books (i.e. Jacky Phamotse Bare). I believe it is important to read what others wrote as much as it is important to write

What is the best part of your book?


My favorite part of the book is chapter 12, diagnosed. I find that although I was frustrated with the diagnosis at the time, it helped me understand that even the unseen has a name and should I embrace this diagnosis, maybe I could learn for it, maybe I could finally find something that will help me address my depression. It took time for me to understand what was happening to me.

What major challenges have you faced or are still facing as an entrepreneur/author?


 What I Wore’  gives a personal account of my life, as such, one of the greatest challenges I still face is in answering questions relating to the contents of the book. I’ve had to condition my mind to accept that some people will judge me and other will embrace me. In the same breathe that there will be some people who simply chose to stay away from me because of the perceived shame I carry.

 What makes you tick?


My love for living out my talent and reaching the glass ceiling of my own happiness.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to be an author or perhaps something similar?


Dare to dream because you don’t just conjure up impossible things in your head, whatever it is you feel is right from the core of your being, is what should guide you and force you to reach every milestone of your journey to self actualization. Don’t mind what everyone has or has not to say, just trust in yourself.

Author: Eve Bodirwa



For  those of you who read the bible, or even if you don’t, there is a particular verse that says “who of you by worrying, can add a single hour to your life?
I would like to encourage  awesome women  to quit worrying because worrying cannot change your situation and it will not get you anywhere but it will only tear you apart inside and make you feel weary, depressed and worthless.



Coming to think of it,what is the point of worrying about things that we cannot change. In life, we need to  learn how to let go off of things that we  do not have  power over. Always know that as time goes by, everything will eventually fall into place  given that we keep a positive mindset and mentality.


What I would like for awesome women to know is that, every morning when you wake up, know that’s a blessing on its own and there are people out there who are fighting for their lives, who are in hospitals, on their death beds and they pray everyday that if they could  be given a chance to be out there, they could do so much.
Now you are lucky to be alive why not take advantage of that by simply being positive and optimistic even when the odds are against you.


When you are alone, ask yourself, what is it that you live for, because there is so much more to life than worrying. Why should you just  focus on one thing?..why not be flexible and try out new things in life. You cannot really focus on doing one thing, what if it doesnt work out, what if that very thing is the root cause of your worrying.
I feel like we need to explore more and this doesn’t mean that you are diverging or riding on a route that isn’t meant for you.


 We always say that stick to your own lane, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t broaden your mindset. It is very crucial to think outside the box  so that when obstacles come your way, you are strong and wise enough  to tackle that situation.


Overall, learn to pull yourself together and go back to the reason why you started whatever it is that you are doing. If you put your “things” in order you will  feel empowered  and when your life is intact, that will keep you motivated to press on and Push  yourself to overcome  obstacles.

Author:Eve Bodirwa

Instagram: @awesomewomenhightea



~GET  IT  GIRL~ °•Never  wait for anyone to pick you up. Do not let people define who you are. Do whatever you want, bend the rules or even better create your own damn rules. Girl it’s high time you start realising that you can do it. Nothing is impossible for those who believe in themselves. So today I say to you, “GET  IT GIRL”













Author:Eve Bodirwa