FEMALE AUTHOR:Keamogetswe Bopalamo

Whoever said being feminine means that you can only handle the easy stuff was absolutely wrong. The world is waking up or needs to wake up to the power of young women simply because they are doing amazing things and are breaking boundries and norms. I personally am pro-women and my heart is filled with pure joy when young women hustle hard and embrace their talents. On this article, we feature an amazing female author from Rustenburg in the Northwest Province. It is none other than  the awesome Keamogetswe Bopalamo. 
Let’s get to know this ambitious awesome woman as she tells us about her book.

What is your profession/job description?


 Human Settlements Policy development coordinator for Rustenburg Local Municipality(my day job). I began writing ‘What I Wore’ 10 years ago. Initially the book was a personal diary called apple juice in a wine glass, a place I could escape to whenever I needed to instead of pouring myself a drink or getting high on drugs. It took me a while to complete the book, I was constantly consumed with the idea that my “diary entries” were more than just mine to keep and that it may be life changing (for me and others) if people got to read my book. I renamed Apple Juice in a Wine Glass to What I Wore, reflecting on all I wanted to let go off in the process of sharing myself and my story with the world.

Take us through your typical daily work routine?


 A typical day begins with my work at the Rustenburg Local Municipality. When I knock off it is often time to cook and do homework with my son but once he is in bed I have time to catch up on new books (i.e. Jacky Phamotse Bare). I believe it is important to read what others wrote as much as it is important to write

What is the best part of your book?


My favorite part of the book is chapter 12, diagnosed. I find that although I was frustrated with the diagnosis at the time, it helped me understand that even the unseen has a name and should I embrace this diagnosis, maybe I could learn for it, maybe I could finally find something that will help me address my depression. It took time for me to understand what was happening to me.

What major challenges have you faced or are still facing as an entrepreneur/author?


 What I Wore’  gives a personal account of my life, as such, one of the greatest challenges I still face is in answering questions relating to the contents of the book. I’ve had to condition my mind to accept that some people will judge me and other will embrace me. In the same breathe that there will be some people who simply chose to stay away from me because of the perceived shame I carry.

 What makes you tick?


My love for living out my talent and reaching the glass ceiling of my own happiness.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to be an author or perhaps something similar?


Dare to dream because you don’t just conjure up impossible things in your head, whatever it is you feel is right from the core of your being, is what should guide you and force you to reach every milestone of your journey to self actualization. Don’t mind what everyone has or has not to say, just trust in yourself.

Author: Eve Bodirwa




Lights, Camera, Capture. 

Photography is one form of art that is really amazing and the most precious and fun part  about photography is capturing special moments with your loved ones. You can go anywhere around the world at this moment in time, you will find people taking pictures just to capture moments. Now we have people who are really passionate about taking pictures and make it a point to help others celebrate their special days.

In this article we feature South Africa’s very own female photographer and fine artist Leigh Skinner-Tebbut. She is an inspiration to many  upcoming photographers.Based in the Cape and lives her life surrounded by creativity every single day, she has been in the creative industry for quite some time.Let’s get to know her.

Question: Who is leigh, where is she based and what does she love?

Answer: I am Leigh Skinner , i live and work in East London and the Eastern Cape area . i love to travel when i can , i have brought up my 3 sons with much passion and enjoyed each moment and i love my Art and Photography , it is my life .

Q: Take us through your normal daily routine.

A: A typical day starts with an early wake up as i love to see the dawn break and hear the birds wake up , then i go to gym and thereafter begins work which can be seeing , clients, editing , shooting ,Travelling, paperwork or on a  good day, painting .

i fetch my school going son in the afternoon and take him to his music lessons or other and continue working inbetween . Some days i teach one on one , a basic photography course . Evenings is  time with my sons and cooking and chatting . Later i often get stuck into some editing when the house is quiet, and end off catching up with social media and some reading .

Q: Do you have any formal training relating to photography or the Arts?

 A: I attended the Port Elizabeth technikon many years ago but did not complete the three years Art course . I then trained under the head of the faculty privately for three years ,  many years later whilst raising my son’s . I have attended short courses to become digitally compatible with photography and general computer literacy .

Q: So you are a photographer and a fine artist?

A: Yes i am a Professional Photographer and a Fine Artist and work mainly in oils and mixed media .

Q: What  do you photograph?

A: I am very diverse in my Photography and cover Wedding Photography , Portraits, Fashion, Lifestyle . Architecture and Decor. all with a creative and documentary approach .

Q: What is your subject matter, in your paintings?

A: I was primarily a contemporary Landscape Painter but i have journeyed into the area of people and life and in a very instinctive and modern style , inclusive of bright exciting hues and many stories within stories , very much influenced by the imagery i see in my Photography work .

Q: Who  are your influences, any old masters perhaps?

A: One of my favourite Masters and one that influenced me hugely is Turner and Constable , Modern painters that influenced me are David Hockney , Dieter Roth and Jasper Johns amongst others .

Q: When was your big break in the industry?

A: I have been through phases , I painted very successfully and sold Internationally  before i was diagnosed and treated for cancer in 2009 , a series of events led to my taking a sabbatical until last year when i started painting again . Photography for me has been a 5 year process of hard work and building up a reputation and clients .

Q: You work with people a lot, how do you handle  difficult clients?

A:  I am a very easy going person and it is rare that difficult clients upset me , i tend to see it as a challenge to overcome their bad humour and win them over .

Q: What makes you tick?

A: Life makes me tick , inclusive of my three beautiful sons, my creativity and beauty surrounding us .

Q: What Advice would you give to an aspiring photographer or fine artist?

A: The advice i would give is be humble , work really hard and consistently , keep learning and you will succeed .

Author:Eve Bodirwa



 It is not so  often that  opportunities present themselves to you but in life you need to train yourself to be ready for the right opportunities that are in line with your vision and life goals. Most of the time we miss what could have been our breakthrough simply because we are not prepared for a change and that’s what kills most dreams. As an awesome woman it is of vital importance to always know what you want so that when you get a chance to do something that will help you reach your goals, you are able to go fo it and not mess up.

Darling you need to bear in mind that if you are going to do it,  you need to do it well or not at all, the reason being that you do not want to end up using up all your energy on things that will not help you move foward in life. So we are not testing the waters but we are going in with full force with all that we have because we care about our dreams and goals.

Here are some tips that will help you take charge of your life and avoid missing life changing opportunites.



The thing about life is that it is so unpredictable and opportunies often come when we least expect them. The best thing you can do is to always hone your craft and be ready for anything that comes.


Sometimes our breakthough comes in somewhat weird or mysterious ways that we had not imagined but when this happens  we need to look on the bright side of life. Never ever care about what people will think because wether they are thinking or not thinking, if they can’t help you then why should you care?


By this I mean that, if you are presented with something that is sort of foreign to you and what you know, just say yes and then learn how to do it. It’s as simple as that.


This is one of the most important aspects that any successful person will tell you about. Never ever be focused on one way of doing something because sometimes things don’t turn out the way they are supposed to, so If there is a mountain infront of you and you cannot climb it, why not try going around it?


Just jump into the unknown and believe that  you can do it. A positive mind leads to a positive life and this means that when you realise that everything in life happens for a reason then you will not worry about how to get about doing stuff  but you will eventually learn and master it.

I hope these tips will help you to stop being hesitant when opportunities come your way and please do not dispair but always be prepared.

Author: Eve Bodirwa



I know that there are times in your life where you feel like you have reached the climax in your thinking and planning and all you want to do is to start travelling on that journey which really excites you and scares you at the same time. That’s propbably the right time to follow your heart and JUST BEGIN, because you have thought about it a couple of times and have imagined yourself already as that person you want to become and all of those things you have jotted down in your journal are calling for you and saying that ‘we are ready to be tested’.

Although I do not fully believe in testing the waters but rather going all in with full force, with all that you have and all that you are,but sometimes it can be good to take things slowly so that you do not go over-awe and end up overwhelmed and torn apart  by something that was meant to bring you joy.

The good thing about having that goal or dream is that it just excites you and makes you feel like you can take on the whole world by yourself. It is advisable to start acting and strike while the iron is still hot so that you may accomplish most of the things that you have been planning for some time.

I have compiled a list of 5 ways you can follow in order to Just begin travelling on that journey of yours.



Well you have been planning, you have been thinking and it is now time for you to act. Remember when you wrote down your goals  in your journal ?well start by doing the first thing on the list and when you have accomplished it you will automatically be ready to follow through the whole list.


One mistake that most of us do is chanhing our plans and neglecting our initial goals. This might happen because of fear or even laziness. Do not be that person who is idle, stay focussed on what you have planned to do. Finish what you have started.


You are going to get dissapointed because not everything will happen or turn out the way you had imagined. When that happens, do not dispair, rather take it as a learning curve and try do approach it from a different angle.


These two points correlate with each other because you need to understand that  consistancy is essential and nothing can be achieved without it. The same things goes with commitment because if you are not commited to your goals then you wont be able to achieve them. Know that most people fail, not because of lack of desire but because of lack of commitment.


There is no way you can do anything without the first step being courage. Be courageous  and  follow through all those things you wrote down in your journal. If it means approaching people and big companies and setting up meetings with the big guys, then do it. It takes a great deal of courage to go against the odds and be who you want to be without the fear of failure and judgement.

photos: pinterest,e-baying.com,dreamstime.com

I hope these tips will help give you a kick start in following your goals, step by step. You can do it, awesome woman.

Author: Eve Bodirwa



‚Äč|Netsa Lemma’s artistic  journey through South Africa, New York City & East Africa|

Women are truely doing amazing things all over the world by following their true passions which sets their souls on fire. It is such an honor to be acquianted to this free spirited  and creative woman, Netsa Lemma. A humble & out going  phillanthropist in her own right. She is a mentor,a sister and a daughter to Africa’s renowned Fine artist Dr Lemma Guya who invented the lemmism art technique.

She lives in the largest City in the US, NEW YORK which is known for its breath taking sky skrapers and ofcourse the fast paced urban/modern lifestyle. I believe it is every young artist’s dream to be able to travel around the world doing what you love. Netsa is an inspiration to a lot of  female artists and her life is proof that every dream is valid and authenticity and being true to yourself  will definately take you places.

She is  a regular traveller therefore she  Co-founded  the Lemmism Ethiopian Art, which is located in Debre Ziet Ethiopia in East Africa. The lemmism project aims to train domestic and international people in the arts and it also focusses on economic and cultural development. Some of her work are found in  numerous private collections in South Africa, Ethiopia and New York.

Let me take you through an awesome moment with the NEW YORK based artist Netsa Lemma through this interview.


Oh darling thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview. Can you tell us when did Netsa start painting?

Well, I started painting at the age of five and my work has been featured in many exhibitions including the United Nations in New  York.


What/who influenced you to pursue art as a career?

Well my father because he is an artist himself but I have always loved old masters paintings particularly work by Picasso, Henri Matisse  and Vincent Van Gogh.

Photo: Dr Lemma guya in his studio

How would you describe your style?

Uhm, I would describe my style as Post-Abstract Realism.


Do you have formal education relating to art/fine art?

Yes, I actually hold degrees in Fine Art and Psychology.

photo: Netsa Lemma with South African Minister of Arts & Culture Min Nathi Mthethwa.


What topics do you focus on in your art creation?

I particularly deal with strong universal topics such as, Life, Religion, Science, Breast cancer, HIV/AIDS  and cultural issues


How much did your most expensive painting sell for?

The painting is titled ‘When justice fails’ and it was sold for  $ 50 000.

photo: When justice fails painting, oil on canvas

When and where was your most recent exhibition?

My recent exhibition was held at Oromia Cultural Centre at Addis Ababa In East Africa.

Photo: Netsa Lemma with Former secretaries general Kofi Annan (United Nations)


Can you take us through your art process.Which medium do you use?


I  use oil paint and I paint on three different surfaces which are, hardboard, stretched canvas and my fathers awesome invention, goat skin. 

Photo: Title: Minister of Arts & Culture Mr Nathi Mthethwa (South Africa). Oil on goatskin


What advice do you have for our reader?


Follow your heart and work hard.

Netsa also added that she loves puppies and dogs  and she adores children.She has facilitated several childrens art workshops  in Africa and the United States.

photo:Netsa Lemma with her cute dogs(South Africa)

More pictures of Netsa in the United states.

photo: Netsa Lemma with her best friend(South Africa)

Author: Eve Bodirwa


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