Life can be extremely chaotic to a point where one feels as though they can’t control themselves. Chaos exists in life,generally and just like many other things,chaos is somewhat inevitable. You can find yourself trapped in mud ,out of the blue at that very moment where you thought your life is in order.

What most of us fail to understand is that these things happen to the best people out there,people whom we think have it all together. You need to stop thinking that you are the only person going through a rough patch because let me tell you

something,everyone one in this whole entire world goes through tough times and some people even go through the most of it.

Now, you need to train yourself to remain calm and pause when you find yourself in the midst of chaos.A lot of people still don’t grasp the concept of taking a break when you feel like you have done the most.

Ever felt like your body and your soul and your whole being just can’t take it anymore?well guess what honey it’s time for you to take a breath and exhale every ounce of anxiety and inhale a whole lot of peace and calmness.

Oh darling if you don’t take a break you will burnout and get to a point where you don’t even understand why you are alive or the purpose of life itself.If you don’t take time to breathe a little you will despise the existence of humanity and on top of that you will end up loosing your sanity.

You can maintain peace within Chaos by following some of these steps which I think are vital and helpful.


#Step back and stop doing whatever you are busy with and face the situation at hand.

#Now try to ignore all the negativity that exists within the Chaos and focus on what you can do to eliminate those aspects

#Figure out the things that might have led you to be worn out and let them go.Let it go if it drains your energy,stop doing it.

#Get rid of anything that attracts stress and overthinking.Let it go.

#Sit down and relax and actually take a break from everything.Meditate or pray or better still do something that will relax your mind and body such as Yoga ,reading a book,getting a massage probably spend a weekend alone to relax and regain your strength.

Honey remember that anything that isn’t good for your mental health isn’t good for you and the people around you. For the sake of your mental sanity,always try to create and maintain peace within Chaos.

Author:Eve Bodirwa

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The flexible Gucci handbag


Fashion is an extremely broad and versatile industry with fast ever evolving trends. It’s somewhat not too easy to keep up with.GUCCI is one most popular and loved brand which ofcourse is every woman’s dream and I believe most fashion enthusiasts can attest to that.

I for one am a huge fan of GUCCI like many other awesome women, speaking of which….The glamourous fashionista  and social media influencer Charity Baaitse clearly knows how to utelize and accessorize this posh handbag.

Below are pictures I have compiled with this geogeours lady showcasing her chic GUCCI bag.

I know that most of us need that handbag which sort of matches with any outfit we might wanna rock at any given  day for that ‘OOTD’ look right?. It’s really a good idea to have such a life saving item in your fabulous closet.

I love the subtle but  distinguished stripes on the bag because they make it more classy. The   GG marmont metalassee is so portable and allows you to be more flex when carrying it around. I love the fact that your phone and journal plus a few additional items can fit into this  cutie.

What more can you ask for when you have this sovenir which fits quite nicely with any form of style, wether it’s sophisticated, edgy or casual and ofcourse you can attend any occasion with it.That is how  incredibly awesome it is.

This  elegant bag sure is every woman’s dream and a smart lifetime bargain accessory.

PRICE: $2300

Author: Eve Bodirwa

This fashion feature is meant for the minimalist who love finer things.


​|A positive mind leads to a positive life|

photo by: loves_coffeebreak 

There is power in what you say therefore it is extremely vital to fill your mouth with life, not death. Make sure that whatever comes from your mouth uplifts your spirit and makes you feel good about yourself.

Let whatever you say about yourself  be positive if you want your life to turnout the way you imagine it. Remember thoughts become actions, according to the law of attraction and the power of the universe.

The law of attraction responds to your thoughts therefore let your thoughts become words and in addition to that, let your words become actions. Think about all the things that you want or want to become and confess them with your mouth because  your toungue is more powerful than a blazing fire. Remember that you are an amazing being and you deserve every beautiful thing that you desire. There is no one on earth who was meant to live the life that is less than their hearts desire.


Let’s do a small exercise  to challenge our way of thinking:

Think about all those things that you tend to think about when you feel down and out and really sad.

Now think about all the positive things  that you have said about yourself and tend to think about when you are motivated and content.

Lastly, I need you to think about how you felt during those two scenarios and choose the  way you would want your life to be forever. I for one, would  choose the second scenario because I know that when I am in a positive mood everything else in my life just turns out to be positive and  new things just unfold one after the other.

I love making refrence to the law of attraction simply because it just makes sense to me in every way and I can really relate to it and  I believe that  i can easily link this article to it.

“The law of attraction is always working  therefore when you are thinking it is an ongoing process…it doesnt have a pause”

Whatever you need, whatever you want, if you believe it in your heart to be true, and you confess it starting with the words ‘I AM’, then believe me, it will come true. Never ever doubt the power that is within you. Remeber we are spiritual beings therefore everything regarding your life, happens in the spiritual realm and then transcends into the physical.


Author: Eve Bodirwa
I have heard of quite a lot of successful people saying that  fear is invitable but it shouldn’t stop you from believing that You are what you confess with your mouth.


|let us now follow our dreams|

I believe that every awesome woman is a hardworker and she puts in all her effort  when performing her duties.

A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman.

What is a strong woman?
A strong woman is a woman who is fearless , courageous, confident  and self motivated.  Yes I strongly believe in feminism because as a woman  I want to have a voice and I want to express my opinions without being  belittled and also not requiring any validation from the partriachy.  Feminism is a very complex subject and  it also has tremendous definitions according to an individual’s perspective.

The reason why I seem to be focussing on feminism is because It is the most relatable reference I can base my thoughts on regarding  this  article. Women need to believe in themselves and know that times have changed and there is no longer a need to hide your abilities in this day in age of Equal rights. Yes  things were hard in the olden times where females were oppressed  and made to believe that they only amounted to being house wives and taking orders from the male domains.

Wake up awesome woman!smell the coffee, Your time is now, Your season has arrived where you are now free to take charge of your own life. All of those dreams that you have, It is time for you to pursue them. It is time to follow your heart and do what you love. It is time to let go off of all things that weigh you down and step up and take over the world.

Photo by: loves_coffeebreak 

It is high time we as women, stand tall and take control.
The most famous and most loved FEMINISTA, pop star Beyoncé Knowles once said, ‘ We need to change the perception of how we view ourselves. We need to step up as women and take charge’.
What more can we say when it has all been said by queen B. Doesn’t this reassure us of the posibilities of our dreams?… this comes from a woman whom most of us think has all her business under control, but it also tells us that she sees the need for women to rise because it seems like most women are sleeping on their dreams and talents.

I personally am not where I want to be in life, or should I say, I feel like there is still a whole new world I need to explore  in order for me to finally reach my destination. This doesn’t mean I shouldn’t feel proud of what I have already achieved so far. Remember we do not focus on how far we still have to go, rather how far we have come from and that should motivate us to press on and  pat ourselves on the shoulder for all the effort we have put in.

One awesome quote that I really like states that, “When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly live life.”
So I am saying that You have not yet lived until you follow your dreams. Jump off of the cliff and  explore the unkown world where you will figure out talents you never knew you had.

Author: Eve Bodirwa

I hope this post encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and follow your dreams. Remember to write everything down in your journal and do not wait for when you are ready, there is never such a time. Arise woman of stature.



Tips on how to be awesome
|follow these tips on a daily basis and see your life transform|

Photo by:@trevvarsie instagram

“One positive thought in the morning can change your whole day”. I don’t know about you but I have tried it and found out that it actually works. I think one thing we as humans need to understand is that we are spiritual beings.

Therefore  our emotions and thoughts are all part of our spirit and our body is the object that which contains the spirit.

In order for us to nourish our spirit, we need constant motivation or even meditation to revive the positive feelings in us. We should make it a habit to wake up feeling good and declare that our day will be awesome.

Today I want you to realise that you are important and your life matters. In order for you to be awesome, you first need to understand what it entails to be ‘awesome’.
Being awesome means being very inspiring and admirable to yourself and those around  you.How awesome is that?

…Now I have compiled a list of attributes that you need to maintain on a daily basis.

Be authentic in everything you do and never ever try to be someone else.

If you value yourself, you won’t let people walk all over you. Speak your mind and stand for what you believe in.

You don’t have to follow trends. Do what makes your heart content. Never follow the crowd.

It might seem stupid to some people,but what does it mean to you?

This is just straight foward. Listen to that inner voice  and pursue your dreams.

Each of us has a purpose in life. Do not Cut and paste other people’s lives into yours. Remember that our journeys are meant to be different.

It is said that happiness is an inside job. Find that place inside of you and release the spark and you will glow.

Author: Eve Bodirwa

P.S   I really hope that these tips will be useful in building your awesome confident and inspiring attribute and charecter. Try these tips and let me know if it works !!




2017  May


Photo by:mediatailor

The devil whispered in my ear “You are not strong enough to withstand the storm”
Today I whispered in the devil’s ear
“I am the storm”.

This happens to be one of my favourite quotes of all time. It has been said that the most powerful words you can find in the english language  are ‘I am’ and anything that comes after those words are true’.

Photo by fu_a.z

I created this forum, to let women know how powerful they are especially when pursuing the things they love. There is a powerful quote that attests to this statement and it says “There is no force more powerful than a woman who is determined to rise”.

I would like to encourage  awesome women  to know that  your destiny is greater than any obstacle therefore keep on believing and  never let anyone talk you out of you dreams. Focus on your goals and always remember why you started.

I want to live in a world where women get along, where women support each other genuinnely so.

Author:Eve Bodirwa

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