I remember from a very young age I’ve always wanted to be lady boss. I’d play office all by myself or sometimes with my little sister and pretend to be this powerful owner of a media company. Well I think the inspiration came from a soapie known as (Generations) we used to watch as a family.


As a creative child I’ve kind of always known that eventually my life would somehow end up in the creative industry and well that is where it currently is.

The reason why I shared a little bit of my past here is to just highlight the fact that regardless of how people view you, your life will end up the way you view yourself.

Everything we do and who we are is representation of our “inner-self”. Therefore it does not matter what people say about you and who they think you are because you are who you say or think you are and whether people accept it or not let it not bother you. (as long as they don’t pay your bills, why should you care?).


The most underrated thing in the world is a woman who doesn’t care about other people’s opinions about her. Darling, that is the most powerful woman and people just don’t seem to realise that, instead they’d rather label you as stupid, ignorant, rude, arrogant and the likes.

Imagine being labelled all of those things simply because you chose to live your best life and chose to not let the society define you and on top of that you create your own rules and walk on your own path and focus on you. I mean if this is not the best definition of an awesome woman then I don’t know what is.

My main concern on this topic is that you need to create the life that makes your soul happy whether it brings you money or not because, what is the use of having all the money in the world and your soul is not at peace and you are always full of anxiety because you are trying hard to conform and live up to the standards of the society. No it can never be me or you, and the reason being? We are awesome.

Say this with me honey.


Much love and blessings

Author:Eve Bodirwa

Xoxoxo IG:@awesomewomenhightea




Dear awesome women….

I’m glad that my blog is now exactly a year old and I must confess it has been a rather rough Road to get to where we are today. I remember hosting a seminar last year 2017 with the hopes of gathering women from different backgrounds to come and mingle with other women and learn from each other. The event did not really go as planned but I’m just really greatful to those who showed up.

I know that a lot of people might think that all of this is just a crazy idea but what my heart tells me is that there’s someone out there who needs to be in an environment where women share their stories and inspire one another. If only people knew how refreshing it is to attend such events we could probably pack a 5000 seater theatre full of awesome women who are confident in themselves and are seeking to divinely and genuinely work, help and empower one another.


Since 2018 started, I myself have been through quite a few steep hills but that didn’t stop me from trying hard to come back and revive my blog because I know that somewhere in the world there is a lovely woman who is inspired by everything I share on this blog.

As a matter of fact on this day I am so glad that I am writing this piece which is just a genuine expression of how I am currently feeling and I just thought I should share what’s going on in my mind just to get up close and personal with my lovely awesome readers.

Photo: @ikka_malika

Actually this year I would like to broaden my blog and the “awesome women initiative” from just being a creative space but also a home and platform that deals with issues of abuse and violence against women in our society. Things have been happening and I’ve come across a lot of tweets where young and older women have been missing, due to human trafficking and others have been abused and all of these things have triggered something in me that makes me want to take action and create a platform which will be a safe space for women to come through and share their experiences and even get help and protection.

Alright here’s to a new fresh year of blessings and more blog posts and hopefully some women empowerment seminars.

it’s time to take action and make sure we create a global community of awesome women who will Change the world and regain their power and have a voice.

A short letter of dedication:

A special shout out to an amazing awesome woman known as Masechaba Ndlovu who has done something amazing by becoming a Voice and a pillar to a young lady who was in an abusive relationship. Regardless of the negative responses and opinions on twitter and social meadia I believe you meant well and regard you
as a hero. Masechaba this should not be the end…. Continue fighting for women and God in heaven will reward you for your courage, strength, devotion and service.

Much love and blessings

Author:Eve Bodirwa

Xoxoxo IG:@awesomewomenhightea


It can be really difficult to deal with life’s hurdles sometimes. We go through a lot as human beings and worse as women. A lot of people deal with dissapointment so good, that they just move on so quickly after having experienced a  great deal of utter dissapointment and well on the other hand there are those who just cannot move on. 

Imagine failing at something that you put your heart and soul into, and it just doesn’t workout no matter how hard you try to tackle it from different angles. The most successful people actually live up to this quote that says ” No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up”. Well for some people it might seem like oh well better said than done, because how do I show up to an important meeting when I literally feel so worthless and like I just wanna die you know.

Well honey, honey, not so fast. Do you honestly think that all of these successful awesome women have never faced dissapointment or even had their ideas crashed or undermined by people they thought would be so exhillerated and happy to help them execute those ideas?. Or do you think that they have perfect lives and everything they do just turns into gold and always runs smoothly and there aren’t even any hurdles?.Well you have thought wrong.

photo: @loves_coffeebreak

There is no one in this life who doesn’t face difficulties and dissapointments, therefore what you need to do  is  to always go back  to your journal and  reflect on the moment you had that idea and think about the excitement and posive feeling you had. Reflect upon those times where you felt like it’s going to happen and it is possible and nothing will stop you from achieving that goal.

My advice is that you should always find some material such as motivational videos and books that will help you stay in motion and  remain positive about your goals and life in general and most importantly  always remind yourself of this beautiful and powerful words. “I AM NOT A FAILURE”.

Author:Eve Bodirwa



When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Yes we all go through some rough patches in life and it almost seems like it never ends, like it is bound to happen every now and then. What I have realised is that all those hardships occur when we least expect them  and besides who would expect to go through a downfall,?we all just want to be happy all the time…but infortunately life happens.

You might find yourself confused  and stressed because your life just throws you a curve ball  while you are busy trying to keep up and improve yourself by pursuing your goals and following your dreams. When all of these things happen, be strong. Don’t let life’s hardships take your joy away from you.
I think that most often,it is through pain where we actually find our strength and purpose in life.

unstoppable /ʌnˈstɒpəb(ə)l/
impossible to stop or prevent.

Lifes troubles will always be there, but are you going to let them weigh you down?..oh darling I want to encourage you to keep going,keep moving, you need to reach for the stars because you know the sky is’nt the limit right? when you are an awesome woman you push through  even on your worst day because success is what you are all about. Awesome women don’t quit. Be that type of a woman who fights and protects her dreams. Be obsessively passionate about yourself and about what you do and what you stand for. That’s the true definition of a woman who is unstoppable.
Remember that success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.

Be unstoppable babe,be that bossbabe, ladyboss and dance to the beat of your success. There is greatness in you and through persistance  and consistance, honey the whole world will witness the great work that God will reveal through you.

Say this with me ….’GOD LET THEM SEE YOU IN ME.’

Author:Eve Bodirwa



Ever considered giving yourself everything you want?. By this, I don’t mean things such as a brand new car and a huge mansion …right away..(well but if you ca afford , then why not?…Go get it sister girl). I am talking about  matters of the heart.Your inner cravings,such as a road trip by your self or your girlfriends.I’m talking about writing that book you’ve always wanted to write…or even writing that book you have always wanted to read. Most often than not, we tend to search for things that we desire , on the outside. 

Have you considered that maybe what you are looking for is already within you and just waiting for you to release it? If you want to read a book that talks about a powerhouse type of woman,…why don’t you write yourself and be inspired by your own work and also be an inspiration to other women.

What I have realised about us humans is that we are so creative,morethan we could ever imagine, but the thing is we are also very ignorant. We tend to shy away from things that actually make us happy. Saying Yes to you, is basically releasing all those happy feelings you get when you think about the goals you want to achieve.

I know that most of the time you just feel so reluctant when thinking of taking action yo pursue your goals. Let me tell you something sweet darling. Ever since I started blogging, I felt this abundant Joy in my heart, and that’s because I decided to say yes to me and finally do something that I have been holding back on for years, due to fear and self-doubt. This year I am saying Yes to me and following my heart. There are  still a handful of things that I want to pursue and I am saying yes. Only the Universe will tell me when it is time. But for now, I am just preparing myself.

Sweetheart, yes you awesome woman,take that first step, go out there and get some fresh air, take some time out and listen to your inner voice. Once you have heard the message clearly, SAY YES TO YOU


#1  I declare God’s marvelous favour upon my life as I pursue my goals.

#2 I am the head and not the tail,therefore I will make it to the end point.

#3 I will start following the path that God will guide me to for I know he will not mislead me

#4 I am a Queen and I reign supreme.

#5 Today I say Yes to me.

Author:Eve Bodirwa


​One of our biggest enemies we always encounter on the journey to success is FEAR. This is something we cannot run away from, but we can overcome it.I have come to realise that the thing with fear is that it begins in your mind, just like anything else. When we feed it, we actually channel our minds to be fearful of things that might not even occur because we are sort of dillusional when we are overpowered by this stigma.


Fear makes us to be doubtful, and as inevitable as it is? we need to fight it by gaining courage to pursue our goals with the fear. As a awesome woman with goals, you will always encouter fear wether you like it or not. But what are we so afraid of? Some might say, fear of the unknown, fear of success, the fear of being good enough and the fear of exposing your talents. Well ofcourse there are factors that encourage us to be fearful and those are things such as; self-doubt, seeking validation, lack of commitment, low self-esteem and unreadiness.

I have outlined a few basics steps which I believe will help you overcome fear.


elf-belief is tge catalyst of success and freedom. Like they always say, if yiu don’t believe in yourself who will?. You need to convince yourself before you can convince anyone. Be free from self-doubt. Be liberal in your thinking.


Whatever you do, never put yourself in a position where people doubt what you are doing simply because you downtalk yourself and you only talk about your dreams and goals jokingly.Now if you want to overcome fear, you must yake yourself seriously and that way you won’t be intimidated by anyone.


I cannot stress enough on the importance of being confident. Confidence includes being positive and speaking about your dreams and goals with a bright smile. Be confident in your own skin, be proud of how far you have come. Nothing will tear down a woman with confidence, Not even fear.

Knowing what you are all about will definately lead you to being proud of your brand and wgat you stand for. When you know what you stand for, you will not be afraid of rejection because yiu know that the universe will ultimately place you at your perfect position, right where you belong.


When you are sure of your story, there won’t be any need for you to be afraid of pursuing your goals. Be sure that woman who is sure that she will be successful. Be sure that you are sure that you are sure. Yes….be that sure.

Many thanks, Stay awesome.

Author: Eve Bodirwa


images:  @beautifulflowers-instagram  @loves-coffeebreak