When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Yes we all go through some rough patches in life and it almost seems like it never ends, like it is bound to happen every now and then. What I have realised is that all those hardships occur when we least expect them  and besides who would expect to go through a downfall,?we all just want to be happy all the time…but infortunately life happens.

You might find yourself confused  and stressed because your life just throws you a curve ball  while you are busy trying to keep up and improve yourself by pursuing your goals and following your dreams. When all of these things happen, be strong. Don’t let life’s hardships take your joy away from you.
I think that most often,it is through pain where we actually find our strength and purpose in life.

unstoppable /ʌnˈstɒpəb(ə)l/
impossible to stop or prevent.

Lifes troubles will always be there, but are you going to let them weigh you down?..oh darling I want to encourage you to keep going,keep moving, you need to reach for the stars because you know the sky is’nt the limit right? when you are an awesome woman you push through  even on your worst day because success is what you are all about. Awesome women don’t quit. Be that type of a woman who fights and protects her dreams. Be obsessively passionate about yourself and about what you do and what you stand for. That’s the true definition of a woman who is unstoppable.
Remember that success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.

Be unstoppable babe,be that bossbabe, ladyboss and dance to the beat of your success. There is greatness in you and through persistance  and consistance, honey the whole world will witness the great work that God will reveal through you.

Say this with me ….’GOD LET THEM SEE YOU IN ME.’

Author:Eve Bodirwa