Dear awesome women….

I’m glad that my blog is now exactly a year old and I must confess it has been a rather rough Road to get to where we are today. I remember hosting a seminar last year 2017 with the hopes of gathering women from different backgrounds to come and mingle with other women and learn from each other. The event did not really go as planned but I’m just really greatful to those who showed up.

I know that a lot of people might think that all of this is just a crazy idea but what my heart tells me is that there’s someone out there who needs to be in an environment where women share their stories and inspire one another. If only people knew how refreshing it is to attend such events we could probably pack a 5000 seater theatre full of awesome women who are confident in themselves and are seeking to divinely and genuinely work, help and empower one another.


Since 2018 started, I myself have been through quite a few steep hills but that didn’t stop me from trying hard to come back and revive my blog because I know that somewhere in the world there is a lovely woman who is inspired by everything I share on this blog.

As a matter of fact on this day I am so glad that I am writing this piece which is just a genuine expression of how I am currently feeling and I just thought I should share what’s going on in my mind just to get up close and personal with my lovely awesome readers.

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Actually this year I would like to broaden my blog and the “awesome women initiative” from just being a creative space but also a home and platform that deals with issues of abuse and violence against women in our society. Things have been happening and I’ve come across a lot of tweets where young and older women have been missing, due to human trafficking and others have been abused and all of these things have triggered something in me that makes me want to take action and create a platform which will be a safe space for women to come through and share their experiences and even get help and protection.

Alright here’s to a new fresh year of blessings and more blog posts and hopefully some women empowerment seminars.

it’s time to take action and make sure we create a global community of awesome women who will Change the world and regain their power and have a voice.

A short letter of dedication:

A special shout out to an amazing awesome woman known as Masechaba Ndlovu who has done something amazing by becoming a Voice and a pillar to a young lady who was in an abusive relationship. Regardless of the negative responses and opinions on twitter and social meadia I believe you meant well and regard you
as a hero. Masechaba this should not be the end…. Continue fighting for women and God in heaven will reward you for your courage, strength, devotion and service.

Much love and blessings

Author:Eve Bodirwa

Xoxoxo IG:@awesomewomenhightea



~GET  IT  GIRL~ °•Never  wait for anyone to pick you up. Do not let people define who you are. Do whatever you want, bend the rules or even better create your own damn rules. Girl it’s high time you start realising that you can do it. Nothing is impossible for those who believe in themselves. So today I say to you, “GET  IT GIRL”













Author:Eve Bodirwa



Female empowerment is just one of the reasons I wake up every morning with a smile and fierce ambition. The love I have for women and the way I am so passionate about the betterment of women is something that nobody can take  away from me. I am an advocate for women empowerment and  I just get really excited when I see women creating forums that empower other women. I’ts like if somebody says they are hosting an event for women, I’l just jump and be the first one to go there and support the initiative or whatever they are doing.

Yass, the future is FEMALE, I say this because I have also come to realise that actually the world is waking up to the rising of young females who are taking the world by storm. It is also evident that nowadays  females get it, you know, they get one another and the useless fights and  back chatting  riots are now becoming minimal and  slowly dissolving into thin air and there is this fresh breeze and flavoured air that only women breathe.

Nowadays the conversations  amongst women  have changed, things have become much better and ofcourse we still have a long way to go but so far the progress is amazeballs. So now the hook up is more of, coffee or brunch  in a restuarant  and the talks are more on how can we work together to change the world and the predicaments in our society, what can we do to help so and so overcome the issues she is facing ,you know, the talks have become more mature and sophisticated and it is no longer about talking down on one another but it is more on supporting each other and being present at  events that help us grow and become better women for now and for the future.

Check how social media posts and updates have changed from competing with one another and cyber bullying  to saying Yass girl Slay and show them what we are made of. Women have become one  and it’s like Girl i know what you are going through and let me tell you something I have been there so actually it aint that hard or it is hard but you can overcome it because I did. It’s like we got each others backs even though we don’t know one another but when you go through something just know that all females get you.

I love the fact that female empowerment is not just a trend, because we all know that trends eventually fade away,  so it’s more like a movement and that is really exciting. It’s  a revolution and an emancipation from mental slavery because as women we were channelled to think that It’s okay to compete with one another, that it’s okay to be jealous, manipulative, and bitter towards one another  and that yeah it is what it is, it is a female thing, it’s whatever.

The Future is Female because we now see women doing amazing things and taking over male dominated industries boldly and unafraid. I am so proud of what we are becoming as a feminists , we are now Liberal in terms of knowing the difference between what is right and wrong for our sake and our lives. We now know that actually it is so nice to be independant and I see females chasing after their dreams as if they already know that they will make it and they know what’s in store for them.

Women are breaking boundries and coming up with their own ideas and businesses and all these things that women are doing will make a positive impact and effect in the future.

Author: Eve Bodirwa



|let us now follow our dreams|

I believe that every awesome woman is a hardworker and she puts in all her effort  when performing her duties.

A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman.

What is a strong woman?
A strong woman is a woman who is fearless , courageous, confident  and self motivated.  Yes I strongly believe in feminism because as a woman  I want to have a voice and I want to express my opinions without being  belittled and also not requiring any validation from the partriachy.  Feminism is a very complex subject and  it also has tremendous definitions according to an individual’s perspective.

The reason why I seem to be focussing on feminism is because It is the most relatable reference I can base my thoughts on regarding  this  article. Women need to believe in themselves and know that times have changed and there is no longer a need to hide your abilities in this day in age of Equal rights. Yes  things were hard in the olden times where females were oppressed  and made to believe that they only amounted to being house wives and taking orders from the male domains.

Wake up awesome woman!smell the coffee, Your time is now, Your season has arrived where you are now free to take charge of your own life. All of those dreams that you have, It is time for you to pursue them. It is time to follow your heart and do what you love. It is time to let go off of all things that weigh you down and step up and take over the world.

Photo by: loves_coffeebreak 

It is high time we as women, stand tall and take control.
The most famous and most loved FEMINISTA, pop star Beyoncé Knowles once said, ‘ We need to change the perception of how we view ourselves. We need to step up as women and take charge’.
What more can we say when it has all been said by queen B. Doesn’t this reassure us of the posibilities of our dreams?… this comes from a woman whom most of us think has all her business under control, but it also tells us that she sees the need for women to rise because it seems like most women are sleeping on their dreams and talents.

I personally am not where I want to be in life, or should I say, I feel like there is still a whole new world I need to explore  in order for me to finally reach my destination. This doesn’t mean I shouldn’t feel proud of what I have already achieved so far. Remember we do not focus on how far we still have to go, rather how far we have come from and that should motivate us to press on and  pat ourselves on the shoulder for all the effort we have put in.

One awesome quote that I really like states that, “When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly live life.”
So I am saying that You have not yet lived until you follow your dreams. Jump off of the cliff and  explore the unkown world where you will figure out talents you never knew you had.

Author: Eve Bodirwa

I hope this post encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and follow your dreams. Remember to write everything down in your journal and do not wait for when you are ready, there is never such a time. Arise woman of stature.